Cait Regan X Ochre Lane

Cait Regan X Ochre Lane


Q & A 

Which part of the collaboration process was your favourite? 

The entire process was so amazing but picking out the style and color for the frames and lenses was my favorite part! It felt so good to express myself creatively on a piece people will wear! So surreal to see my name on a pair of sunglasses from one of my all-time favorite brands. A total ‘pinch me’ moment. 

What inspired you to pick a pop of colour? 

Blue and green are my favorites and this color felt so ME! It gives off that california summer vibe which is exactly what we were shooting for! 

How do you like to style your Lena Laguna sunglasses? 

With absolutely anything and everything! haha! You can dress them up or down and this shape and style is so flattering on every face! There’s a little pop of color but it’s sheer and goes well with every outfit!

What were your thoughts when you saw them for the first time? 

I almost cried!!! Hah! They are truly my dream sunnies and I basically haven’t taken them off since the moment I opened up the box. I’m so humbled and grateful.

Where did you find inspiration for the photoshoot? 

We wanted to keep it real and natural! a “day in my life” type of feel. We chose to shoot at some of our local beaches and my favorite coffee shop in Newport Beach! 

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A note from the OchreLane team. 

At the beginning of the year, we decided to venture into our very first collaboration on a pair of sunglasses. We knew we wanted to collaborate with someone who had been a big supporter of OchreLane. Cait was the first name that came to mind. Cait always looked so amazing in her Lena frames, so we thought who better to create a limited-edition Lena frame with. The team at OchreLane are so happy with how to collaboration turned out. Cait’s Lena Laguna frames are the perfect addition to brighten up our full collection.

Our favourite special touch about the Lena Laguna sunglasses by Cait is Cait's signature engraved on the arm. 

Photography by @tayylorannphoto


Our mood board for the photo shoot. 

 Stay tuned...more collaborations to come.