Born in a small, coastal town of Northern, NSW Australia.Ochre Lane incorporates Australian earth tones to life in frame form. Pulling inspiration from the coastal sands of the east coast, as well as the rich outback soil.


Bringing together modern eyewear with the embodiment of Australian earth tones, OchreLane creates quality eyewear for the modern woman with a vintage aesthetic without the huge price tag. Our frames include a branded microfibre cloth and white vegan leather case to keep our frames in the best possible condition.


I think it’s important to live your truth and be more authentic, for me that was not hiding behind the “cool” brand anymore and be open and honest about myself in business.

As a size 16 woman that struggles to find minimal flattering swimwear for my size I knew there is other women in the same boat as me, whether you’ve been struggled with your size and clothing you’re entire life or you’ve had a lifestyle change and you can no longer fit into your favourite brand. I see you.

Creating OchreLane swim was important for me to have inclusive sizing, not a “plus size range” the same styles for everyone whether you’re an 8 or an 18. Even though I’m a 16 I still have the same style as when I was a 6, I shouldn’t have to dress different or shop in the back section because I am a bigger size, we still want to express ourselves and dress the way we want.

I hope in the future we can expand our sizing even further. I can’t wait to show you all the full collection.

Bree x